Our Daily Bible Verse: Inspired And Powerful

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Our Daily Bible Verse: Inspired And Powerful

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The Life-Changing Power of The Word

The Word of God has the power to transform every situation in your life right now.

That’s why I’ve made it a point to meditate on a key Bible segment every day and speak the same back to God in prayer.

It was a tough habit to form, I admit. for many yeas, I simply read the word casually, with no sense of commitment or schedule.

Until I faced tough circumstances and I realized that the only way I would get through them is by digging deeper in The Word, finding verses that spoke to my solution and praying those verses back to God.


Get The Daily Bible Verse In Your Inbox Every Week

Our Daily Bible verse lands in your inbox every week ready to freshen you up, inspire you and help you tackle the day ahead.

Each verse you receive is in the form of a colorful graphic visual, to make it really appealing.

If you are ready to get charged up for God, let our carefully handpicked selection of bible verses inspire you to greater heights.


How Do We Use Our Daily Bible Verse?

In a number of ways.

We use it:

  • as a prayer point (that we pray throughout the day)
  • As the topic for our evening¬†bible study
  • for extended Bible exposition (we examine the surrounding verses to take the lesson in context and see what God is teaching us)
  • for meditation
  • for inspiration
  • for motivation
  • As a call to action


God’s Generals Meditated On The Word

It’s the simplest way to meditate on The Word, in obedience to the call in Joshua 1 and Psalms 1.

Some verses you see may speak directly to your situation. It’s up to you, through¬†the power of The Holy Spirit, to act on it and see the amazing manifestation of power in your life.

See some of our daily bible verses right here:

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