Here’s News: God Thinks You’re A Gem

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What Does God Really Think Of Us?

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has ordained that we should walk in.”


There You Have It!

God thinks you are a work of art, with unique brilliant, exceptional gifts and talents that the world needs to see.

You are more precious than diamonds.

Do you think Jesus would waste his time creating you if you had nothing to offer?

You were such a delightful thought in God’s mind that He simply had to create you!


God Was Thinking Of You Way Before You Were Born…

There is a reason why we were created. It wasn’t some random act of nature as some scientists like to put it.

You were such a precious thought in the Creator’s mind that He couldn’t resist the urge to create you and schedule your days for this generation.

He thought of every single moment of your life. He imagined how and where you would grow up, what opinions about life would shape your personality and character and He still decided to create you.

Isn’t that amazing?


God Knew You’re Destined To Shine

God knew you were destined to shine in this life, in a manner that cannot be emulated by anyone else.

In His eyes, He saw you performing a fantastic role that no one else could carry out.

What he saw was so delightful that He went back to the beginning of time and caused you to be a ‘seed’ in Adam and Eve, to be birthed to a particular set of parents, in a particular country in a particular setting, in a particular neighborhood at a particular time.

He saw every day of your life before you were born.

He witnessed your highest moments, lowest moments, toughest challenges and strength of character.

More than that, He saw that you would call out to Him and seek to know Him as your Heavenly Father so that He could give you the strength to achieve the dreams in your heart.

That whole vision so excited Him that you were ‘destined’ to be born. And your mandate is to fulfill a certain assignment.

Your job, should you accept it, is to find out this marvelous assignment that God had in mind and find out why it excites God so much.

Only then will you discover the true reason for living.


An Amazing Investment Of God’s Nature

In God’s eyes, you are an incredible investment. God’s handiwork is always magnificent.

You’re an investment of His Nature, His essence, His very being, His life, energy, talent and purpose.

You carry a spark of greatness in you.

And you can’t tell God otherwise.

He sees a reflection of His very nature in you. And what he sees is a powerful confident, incredible child of God that will manifest a certain aspect of His nature in this generation in a unique manner.

Indeed, when people see this marvelous revelation of your talent, they will have no choice but to praise Your Father in heaven.

This is what we are told in Matthew 5:16.

When the challenges of life get you down, as they sometimes do, remember that God already knew you would face them. He is never surprised by anything. But He knew you have it in you to get back up again and soldier on.

That’s why whenever the devil tries to taunt you about your recent failure or tell you “You’re good for nothing, dude!” you can stare back at him and respond “Not according to God!”


The Question Now Is: What Will You Do?

So, the question now is, what will you do about it?

With this knowledge, you can either ignore the truth or you can confidently look forward to tomorrow.

If you do choose to look forward to your future, it’s another opportunity to see God come through for you simply because you now rest confidently in the assurance that He knows your tomorrow.

If God then is not surprised by anything that happens to you, why should you?

In everything give Him praise. Thank Him from the bottom of your heart.

The script has already been written. And according to the script, you’re God’s gem.

In fact if you give Him the reigns of your life, He will fashion every chapter of your life like a pearl, formed by pressure, refined by time.

Know this. God doesn’t make failures. So your current setback is not the end of your story.

God knew it would happen, and He also knew that you would pick yourself up again, brush the dust from your feet and walk confidently into the future, unmoved by a little disaster.

All you need is some inspiration in the form of power-packed verses from His Word and you’ll be back to full spirits in record time.

Be a christian soldier.

God is your source, He’s your greatest fan, He’s your greatest anchor.

It’s in times like this that He expects you to pray and call on His Name.

In fact He KNOWS you will do it, that’s why there’s a such a great crowd of witnesses in heaven cheering you on.


God’s handiwork: He Thinks You’re A Star

That’s you.

A star.

Live like you were born to dance.

Live large. Live happy.


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