An Unusual Morning Devotion And A Leap Of Faith

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An Unusual Morning Devotion And A Leap Of Faith

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It Started With An Unusual Morning Devotion

Just yesterday, a friend of mine was sharing a devotion at a local NGO that champions the rights of orphans and vulnerable children in the community.q

They have done tremendous work of rescuing children who are victims of emotional and physical violence.

It’s the kind of work that can leave you depressed, when you see how parents simply abandoned their babies by the wayside, or dump them in a pit latrine, simply because they don’t have money to take care of them.

Anyway, I digress…


A Leap Of Faith

Koi spoke to the team members and admonished them to take a leap of faith and resign.

She said that there’s one question that has been bugging her the whole year.

That question is, “Am I doing what God has called me to do?”

Spending lots of time in prayer helped her reach a conclusion. She was simply existing.

Existing in a job that gave her no joy other than a big fat paycheck. And that paycheck came on the arms of lots of infighting, stress, accusations, and the high pressure toxic environment of the workplace.

Was it worth it?

And more importantly was she doing what God had called her to do?


The Signs Of Your TRUE Calling

There are a couple of green flags that give you the answer in case you’re facing the same dilemma.

  • Does what you do cause you to burst out with joy and new songs every morning?
  • Are you constantly expanding in your skill and ability to perform your role?
  • Are you dominating your assignment in a way no one else can?
  • Do your eyes glisten with excitement when you think of the incredible opportunities in front of you?
  • Are  you scared? So absolutely petrifyingly scared of what you wish to do, that you don’t even know how to get started?
  • Is this the one thing you have always wanted to do, deep down inside?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then you have an idea of God’s vision for your life.


Koi’s Leap Of Faith

In Koi’s case, it meant resigning from her current job, leaving the comfort of her home, traveling to a neighboring country, taking up a new job with plenty of risks and embracing new challenges in an country that was popular for being unpopular to foreigners.

She drove to work, wrote her resignation letter and served her notice.

(She later found out that the one of the top managers who had been fighting her for so long, bought the staff lunch to celebrate the ‘good news’ when she was finally out of office.)

So, she packed her bags, got into her car and drove off to this new country, with the apprehension and anxiety you would normally expect when you are unsure of yourself.

Talk about embracing Christian life challenges with a smile and a hot mug of coffee!

Six months later, she’s never been happier, never been more challenged and never been more excited to wake up each morning.

Her colleague’s blatant predictions that she wouldn’t last three months in her new assignment failed.

She thrived.

She made new friends, learnt a new culture, walked more, laughed more, played more and experienced life.

She also brought in a new culture of prayer and fasting to a secular institution of higher learning that was not known for any Christian traits.

And she learnt to listen to God giving her instructions every morning. She’s learnt to praise Him for everything. God prompted her to take unusual steps, do unusual things, perform odd instructions… until she stopped trying to figure out why God was up to and just did it.

All of these unusual requests worked like silent magic.


From Chaos to Order

Suddenly, chaos turned to order.

Problems evaporated. Toxic employees resigned. Sullen employees brightened up. Students cleaned up their act. New operational systems were set in place and finances improved. She got things working again.

Now, you got to understand when you are a foreigner and come in to this place and start cleaning up stuff, the next thing they clean out is you.

They don’t like foreigners.

But she got an acceptance from the Board of Management and the community that was unheard of.

The result? The university improved its general performance within six months.

AND it became an accredited institution of Higher Learning, WITH a higher semester rating than any of the Universities in that region.

All in six months.

What unusual things do you feel you need to do now that you can’t explain to anybody?


Take A Leap Of Faith

Take a leap of a faith and gear yourself up to do some unusual things.

But more importantly, if you feel that soft prompting of the Holy Spirit edging you out of your comfort zone, it’s time for you to do something about it right now.

The more unusual it is, the more likely God is in the picture. He will never give you an assignment that you can accomplish on your own.

His methods and approach will be totally different from anything you can imagine. That explains the hesitancy and the fear about the enormity of the assignment. If you were able to do it on your own, you wouldn’t need God.


What’s Your Leap Of Faith?

Coming back to the Morning Devotion at the NGO, Koi stands up and tells people to take a leap of faith. But it’s not a leap of faith to continue doing their work, rather it’s a leap of faith to explore their deepest desires, bring them before God and ask “Am I doing what God wants me to do?”

She clarified that they could be working in a place where God didn’t place them. As such, their effectiveness for God will not be evident, neither will God recognize it.

Some of them, she said, will have to resign and get busy with God’s instruction.

A pretty unusual devotion to give to employees, right

The lesson for us is to spend time in prayer and ask ourselves the same question, “Am I where God wants me to be, doing what God wants me to do?”

If the answer is “No” then your next step is prayer and fasting, so that God can begin to commune with you and instruct you regarding your true assignment.

Let this be your challenge today, and resolve that you will not let today end before you get an answer from God.


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