The Most Powerful Prayer You Can Pray

The Most Powerful Prayer You Can Pray

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Praise Prayer: The Most Powerful Prayer You Can Ever Pray

Here’s why.

God inhabits the praises of His people.

When you actively praise God for who He is, angels assemble to assist you.

The one thing the devil will try and prevent you from doing against all odds is praise God.

David Makuyu

What Does It Mean To Praise God?

All About God defines praise as “…the joyful thanking and adoring of God, the celebration of His goodness and grace.”

To Praise God is to acknowledge Him, to exalt Him, to lift him high, to behold His Magnificence in the works of His Hands, His Character and His Name.


Praise His Name

Jeff and Sheri Easter wrote a song called, “Praise His Name” that’s included in the Miles and Milestone album of 2005. And my oh my, did they hit it right on the head. Part of the lyrics go:

“When it seems you’re all alone
Praise His Name
When you feel you can’t go on
Just raise your hands and say
Greater is He that is within me…”

I have had times in my life that I’ve found myself in a middle of a sticky situation. I prayed, I claimed, I shouted the victory from the mountaintops.

Nothing happened.

When I left all my formulas and tactics on the floor and lifted my hands to praise Him, things moved so fast, it left me dizzy.

I got answers from unexpected sources. People called me out of the blue to assist me, and they didn’t even know what my need was at that time.

Just think. I spent so much time claiming answers and trying to do things on my own. When I stopped and spent the midnight hour thanking and praising Him, all of heaven moved.

We probably need to spend more time praising Him than in actual petition.

Praise Is A Mighty Weapon Of War

In the Christian journey, there’s nothing that can withstand a praise prayer.

Maybe this is the hidden secret of prayer. In fact, I really do believe it is.

Nothing can prepare you for what really happens when you praise God.

In the Book of Revelation, we get a glimpse of the atomic explosion that erupts when God receives your praise in the form of a prayer.

An angel mixes your praise prayer with incense from the altar and throws it back to earth where there’s lightening and earthquakes. In other words, in the spiritual realm, nothing is left the same after you praise God. God in that split second takes everything, shakes it up and works it together for your good.

That’s what Peter and Paul did when they were stuck in a prison in the midnight hour, with nothing to look forward to but imminent death.

Yet, in that midnight hour, they lifted up loud praise and suddenly all their chains fell off, the prison walls shook and they walked out of the prison…. because of praise.

Praise is your most powerful weapon to disrupt every plan and evil scheme the devil planned for you.

My challenge to you… Let’s think up some of the most impossible situations to praise God for.

Jobless? Praise Him.

Broken hearted. Praise Him.

Wounded and alone? Praise Him.

In debt to the tune of 5 million dollars? Praise Him.

Sick with cancer? Yes, praise Him.

I bet when you do it from your heart, without second thoughts and with full undivided attention on God, God then puts His full undivided attention towards rescuing you from that impossible situation with no less than heaven’s full arsenal of resources.

It’s time to do the impossible.


Pray A Praise Prayer

I believe that miracles happen as a result of praise. Merlin Carothers wrote a marvelous book called, ‘Power In Praise.’

He knew the secret… of bring heaven into every situation we face in life.

I like the fact that he shares the testimonies of ordinary folk in the midst of tough unexplainable situations who decided to give the praise prayer a try.

What happened next was phenomenal! Marriages were restored, new jobs materialized, healing, joy and distinction became the order of the day. What’s even more intriguing is that as long as they prayed to God to take the situation away, nothing happened.

Thank God For The Good… And Bad

During our frequent praise prayer marathons, we follow the same method.

Instead of telling God to take away everything that’s rotten with our lives, we deliberately begin thanking God for everything – good and bad. We begin with our families, our relationships, finances, health, and other issues.

In the middle of the marathon, we sometimes feel the leading of the Holy Spirit to begin thanking God for things that most of the time hurt us in the past.

It seems odd to thank Him for… someone who hurt us, maligned our name or perhaps for an unfortunate incident like being falsely accused or losing your job. It takes guts to thank God for such horrible things, but we have to do it.

See How Miriam Did It…

I remember one of my friends, Miriam, who felt The Holy Spirit prompting her to thank God for her mother who had mistreated her when growing up.

As a result, she ran away from home at 16 and spent the next 15 years wandering from one place to another. She tried different jobs and different relationships.

Nothing really gave her the peace she so desired. Broke, tired and unhappy with life, she eventually returned home only to find out that her mum had passed away from cancer.

She was devastated and that plunged her into more self-condemnation. After a year of counselling at her local church, her Pastor suggested she give thanks for her life exactly as it was in every regard (Something Merlin Carothers also teaches in his book)

She says that’s when she felt a shift in the atmosphere, and internal healing. She was finally able to love herself again and really honestly thank God for every terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing that had happened in her life.

And that’s just one of the many testimonies emanating from a praise prayer. There are more people every day, who are choosing to give this new form of prayer a try.
After all, 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says,

In everything, give thanks, for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you…”


Are You Up To A Praise Prayer Challenge?

Because if you are, you may find that this is the one thing that will transform your destiny.

I’ve tried it many times and all I can say is…”It works!”

Miracles will happen!

I’ve made it a point to deliberately hold Praise Prayer marathons with our subscribers every quarter.

In fact, I challenge you to put it to the test right now.

For the next 15 Days…

Decide that all you will do is praise God.

If you are pulled over by a policeman, praise God.

If you receive a report that your Mom is unwell, praise God.

If you’re suddenly retrenched, praise God.

Praise Him also for the good things!

Like a job promotion, incredible business deal, new friends, amazing favor from the most unexpected of sources…!

Remember what happened in the midnight hour when Paul and Silas praised God from the bottom of their heart. An angel showed up and escorted them out of their dark, cold cell.

Right in the midst of your personal dark valley, praise God and see the miracles that will erupt in your life.

Get a Praise Prayer on the inside of you and let God honor your faith. Then come back here and share your testimony!


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