Hello, Friend!

I'm David Makuyu. I'm a podcaster, conference planner, writer and author of the Creator Unlimited newsletter. I also publish a number of online tutorials for content creators.

In my former life, I was a recovering perfectionist, lol!

And before that, I worked in broadcast radio for a number of years. Now, I focus on sharing my insights and skills to help empower a new generation of content creators who want to share their story with the world in the form of a podcast.

And there's a good reason why.

We're living in an incredible time where there are so many forms of social media expression, giving people the chance to craft and present their unique story to the world. I want to help people craft their story creatively.

Someone once said, "everything that has been done has been done before." That may be somewhat true, but apply creativity to it and it becomes something new. My job is to creatively fashion your idea into an engaging story.

"A story for what?" you may ask.

Well, you're the author of your life. There are tons of people who would benefit from your unique experiences as they carve their own unique path.

Documenting those experiences in the form of a podcast, an eBook or a video would help them immensely.

That's what I want to help you do.

Take me for example...

In the last two years, I've found myself increasingly intrigued by the amazing array of digital apps and software that simplify storytelling. As an entrepreneur, I want to save time and energy while accomplishing all the ideas I have.

So, I've decided to document the process! I want to hold myself accountable. But this process, this process is what makes a fascinating story. It's mine! And it's highly personable! And memorable!

One of those ideas is my newsletter, Creator Unlimited. Read it here.

This is for the content creator in you. In it I share productivity insights from some of the best minds on the internet aimed at empowering and motivating you to higher levels of self awareness and productivity. 

I'm even more excited about it because I get to talk about all the things that I'm passionate about - motivation, self improvement, digital apps, podcasts, books, God! 

If you're an content creator, consider becoming a subscriber. It will do you a world of good!

Other than that, here's a little more about me on a personal level.

I'm a creative! Been a book worm all my life! I love music, theater, tea, cheese cake... and yes, I have a couple of pets!

When I'm not working, you usually find me engrossed in a great book, a DIY project, or thinking of the latest item to add to my audio gear collection. 

Now that you know about me, I want to know more about you!

So reach out and let's start a conversation!

If you want to work on a project, connect with me via LinkedIn. If you just want to talk or share your experiences as a content creator (or why I love cheese cake so much), I'm on Instagram too!

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