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If you're looking for a reputable conference planner in Kenya, you've come to the right place. I'm a conference planner and I've organized conferences for a wide range of B2B clients in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania over the last six years.

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Connect With Impact

Conferences are the most effective way to meet your target customer in one seating.

My team and I have worked on several large scale conferences and festivals in Nairobi. These range from simple 1-day conferences to more complex multiple day conferences that incorporate plenary with break-out sessions and multiple activities. Many conferences schedule an elaborate program schedule of activities that offer various experiences that entertain, stimulate and keep their delegate engaged throughout. Clients prefer working with us because of our ability to create entertaining experiences that result 'connection with impact"

From Concept To Execution

My strength lies in providing a full suite solution - from concept to execution.

My skill is in working with you to design a conference that is interactive, exciting and engaging.

Need a concert? I'll make it happen. Planning a city tour? How about a game drive? Let's throw in a yoga session!

Whatever your mind can conceive, we will work together to make it a reality.

Share your idea and watch it unfold into an interactive, exciting conference that meets your objectives. 

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Experience Meets Creativity

So, why work with me?

My team and I have worked on major B2B conferences in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana. We've handled intimate audiences of 50 guests to larger audiences of 300+. And we handle the full spectrum of conference services - from RSVP to concierge, decor and stage design, talent management, technical & A/V, hotel and supplier management. 

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