I’m a Podcast Production Pro.

I love the thrill of crafting a podcast from idea to fully fledged work of art and I’m here to help you achieve that.

I work under tight deadlines so that you can share your podcast with the world as soon as possible.

There are two ways we can work together.

First: If you’ve already recorded your audio and just need basic editing, share it with me along with a duly filled in brief form. The brief form gives me a synopsis of your podcast and the edits you require. I will edit the footage, perform basic editing functions like noise reduction, audio improvement, equalization, de-essing, compression and the like. You receive the edited audio in return and you can customize it however you want.

Second: Share the audio. I’ll edit and arrange it into a fully produced episode with background music, jingles, sound effects and voiceover bits. What you get back is a complete episode that you can immediately publish.

Either way, you get a kick-ass podcast that sounds great.

My editing solution package includes improving and tightening your audio, basic editing functions like noise reduction, equalization, compression, de-essing and normalization.

I also offer transcription as a stand-alone solution.

If you have bulk recordings and don't want the hassle of editing of all of them, fill in my brief form and I'll do the editing for you.

I also offer advanced podcast production solutions like insertion of sound effects, background music and jingles.

In addition to my editing package, I'll also share tips on how to improve your content angles, content delivery and marketing.

So, if you want a stand-out podcast the likes of Joe Rogan, Barack Obama and Trevor Noah, let's work together.

If you want quick tips on podcast production, check out my YouTube channel.

Alternatively, learn the skills of the trade with my online tutorials.

Or perhaps you are a B2B client and you want to produce an entire podcast season, I can help with content strategy and conceptualization, production, music, talent management and direction as well as marketing.  

Check out my full service list here.

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