The Insight

I'll produce a sweet sounding podcast for you!

I'll script, record and produce all the jingles, liners, sweepers and dry drops for your signature sound.

Your signature sound is defined by your podcast imaging. And imaging is what sets your podcast apart from the rest.

Imaging gives your podcast a dynamic personality, establishes your signature sound and instantly promotes what your podcast is all about.

Unfortunately, not many podcasts are well branded. That's where I come in - to give your podcast a charismatic sonic identity that immediately captures your listener's  attention.

I'm going to make your podcast sound like candy!

You know how sweet candy is, right? Yeah, that's what your podcast is going to sound like.

Scroll below to see what my podcast imaging solution looks like.

David Makuyu talks podcast imaging

The Package


  • Intro & Outro Jingles

    10/15 second jingles that act as intro's and outro's to your episode. Scripted with voiceover, sound effects and background music.

  • Scripting

    Customized scripts that you can use to introduce your show or highlight the unique standout features of your show (promos).

  • Liners

    Fast-paced dry drops inserted within your episode that act as transitional elements.

  • Promos

    15/30 sec produced snippets of your podcast's best content. Promote on social media and YouTube.

  • Background Music

    Handpicked, top quality royalty-free music with full broadcast rights included.

  • Voiceovers

    Sourced from Africa's finest voiceover talent. Full broadcast rights included.

podcast imaging

A well produced podcast captures attention.

My service is for busy content creators and B2B brands with little time for post-production.

Opt for a single package or book my full podcast suite package that includes Podcast Imaging (outlined above), Podcast Artwork, Intro & Outro Jingle Creation, Scripting & content design, episode editing, and post-production.

Shoot me an email and let's get started!

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